Receive orders and accept payments with Satispay

Activate the Delivery and Takeaway service

Get added visibility with Satispay and let your customers know that your store supports delivery or takeaway orders.


Does your business support home deliveries? Give visibility to your store's services with Satispay.


Do you support take-away? Let your customers know directly from the Satispay app.


Gain added visibility

By activating the "Delivery and Takeaway" service, your business will be found among the stores labelled with the special categories, directly in the list of stores within the user's app.


Receive orders the way you prefer

Your customers can find your store by simply selecting the "Delivery" and/or "Take-away" categories. To place the order, they will then contact you via the contact channels you decide to display in your store's information section.


Send the request

Once you've received a customer's order, you can send a payment request with the Satispay Business app. Just tap the icon in the top-right corner of the homepage.


Await confirmation

Once the customer receives your payment request, all they need to do is simply check the order and confirm the payment!

You will be notified when the client has confirmed the payment, so that you can start preparing the order.

We care about your safety so here are some tips:


Wear gloves and a face mask


Let your customers know when you are arriving


Leave the order at the entrance


Always keep to a minimum distance of 1m from others

Activate this new feature and let your Satispay customers know that your store is available to accept their delivery or takeaway orders.