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Satispay Business is the service that allows stores, associations and freelancers to accept fast, secure, traceable and cheap payments.

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Turn your dreams into reality without incurring excessive fees or commissions.


Accept payments with your smartphone, tablet, PC or MacOS without the need for a POS payment terminal.


Accept payments with a tap and receive your money on your bank account the following business day


We have a specialised team that is constantly working on ensuring the security of our system


You can accept payments in your store, even if you have a business on-the-move or if you're a freelancer.

The Satispay Business app is available for Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac, POS or Cash register.


If you have an e-commerce app or website you can easily add the Satispay payment method with the plugin, PSP or API

Vending machine

Offer your customers the possibility to pay with Satispay when purchasing from your vending machines.

We support traditional vending machines and smart-touch machines.

Discover Satispay Business+

With Satispay Business+ you can activate the following services with ease:

• personalised Cashbacks to create promotions for your customers

• the “Delivery and Takeaway" service for home deliveries and takeaway orders in your store

• the new "Reservation" service that helps you accept bookings by putting you in touch with your customers

+ many others

No matter what kind of business you manage, start saving while receiving payments from your clients with Satispay: no more false money or theft, just smart, secure and cheap payments.