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Satispay uses cookies to improve the general use of the website. It is possible to limit or disable the use of cookies via the user own web browser.

What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a text file that websites send to computers and other devices connected to the Internet,  to uniquely identify the user’s browser or to save information or settings in the browser.

In general, it is possible to block cookies globally, however this would have an impact on the browsing  of the website. All the most  recent browsers allow the user to change the settings of cookies. These are usually in the menu of the user’s browser under ‘options’ or ‘preferences’. To understand how to set them up, the user can follow the instructions below:

For information on how to manage cookies through other browsers, it is useful to consult the online help files.

The consent to the use of cookies can be given in the following ways, following the display of the banner containing the short form information on cookies, namely: (i) performing a scroll down action within any page of the Satispay website, (ii) by clicking on one of the internal links to any page of the website, (iii) by clicking on the “OK” button or on the “X” button in the banner containing the short form information on cookies.

Satispay uses analytics cookies made available by Google. These cookies allow to collect aggregate data on the use of the website by the user, including elements on which the user clicks during the web browsing, in order to improve the performance and design of the website. These cookies are used exclusively for the purposes related to our websites.

The user can prevent his data from being used by Google Analytics, using the opt-out browser Add-on.


The site also uses the function of “remarketing” of Google Adwords.

This function allows Satispay to publish on the network of Google personalized ads based on the pages visited by users on the site.

Therefore, some of the website pages include a so-called “remarketing” code that allows Satispay to read and configure the browser cookies to determine the type of ad that the user will see based on the data collected from his or her visit to this website.

Those remarketing lists created are stored in Google’s servers where all the cookie IDs associated with interest are stored. The resulting information allows to identify the browser and there is no possible way to identify the user.

For more information about Google Remarketing, please refer to:

For more information about Google’s Rules and Principles for Privacy, please refer to:

The consent to the collection and storage of data may be revoked at any time. The user can disable the use of cookies by Google through the different browser setting specific options:

Ads Preferences Manager
Standards for the decommissioning of Behavioral Advertising

The website uses the following profiling cookies, placed by third parties (third-party cookies):

The user can disable the cookies placed by the third parties listed above following the links indicated. If there are no links, the user can refer to the following website which allows to manage the preferences regarding cookies.

For any other information, please refer to the Satispay Data Privacy Policy.