Even smarter with the Cashback!

Go shopping with Satispay in affiliated stores and receive partial refunds on your purchases!

What is a Cashback

Cashbacks are partial refunds on your purchases and are received in app immediately after paying with Satispay.


Receiving the Cashback

When a Cashback is available, you will receive the partial refund immediately after paying and your app's balance will be updated automatically.


Choose where to shop

Open the app and search for stores that offer a Cashback to discover the nearby promotions.

💡 You can easily spot them thanks to the red icon indicating the percentage discount you can get on the amount of your purchases!

Discover the Cashback

Choose the store and enter an amount to view the Cashback that will be refunded at the end of the payment.

💡 There are 3 different types of cashback:

  • Classic - Receive a Cashback on each payment (example: 20% Cashback on all purchases),
  • First Purchase - Receive a Cashback on your first payment made in a specific store or chain,
  • Incremental - Increase the refund amount with each payment you make in specific stores. (example: 5% Cashback on your first payment, 10% on your second, 15% on the rest).

Receive the Cashback

The partial refund is automatically added to your Satispay Balance.

💡 You can therefore take advantage of it immediately to pay for your next purchases, to reimburse a friend or to save money in your piggy bank; it's up to you!

Pay with Satispay in hundreds of stores throughout Luxembourg!

More than 350 merchants accept the payments with Satispay.
What are you waiting for?

Discover the active campaigns and promotions by consulting the Terms and Conditions.

Satispay is a smart and secure payment system that allows you to pay in stores, receive Cashback, exchange money with friends and save money.