Our Values

These are the values that inspire us every day to reach the ambitious goals we've set. 

Do it smart

These three words guide every decision we make.

Be responsible

There is no point in changing the world if we are not making it a better place.


We believe wholeheartedly in our project and in reaching our mission!

The pillars

User first

Our mission is to create real value for our users.

Work hard!

Work hard and in a smart way.

Top Team

There are no individuals but a single successful team.

Give and ask feedback

Don’t be touchy. Be open to feedback to grow.

Scale = re-invent

Be ready to change, to constantly reinvent your work processes.

Tell and share

We strongly suggest to write, write and write!

Join our team

To work and succeed at Satispay you must share these values and this vision. Check out the available positions!

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