Our Values

We want to tell you all about the values we believe in and the pillars of our company culture. If you think these values reflect yours too, Satispay may be the right place for you to thrive.

Do it smart

These three words guide every decision we make! Always ask ourselves if we are doing things the smart way.

Be responsible

We have the privilege to work on a project that can have a great impact and change the world.


Our objective is to have a positive and game-changing impact on the world.

The pillars

User first

We are committed to create real value for our users, every day.

Hard work

We work hard... but always in the smartest way possible.

Top Team

Each member's abilities contribute to our success.

Go the extra mile

We reward people willing to go the extra mile for our company.

Continous feedback

To give and receive feedback in the most effective way is crucial for us.

Think before pitching

We are always open to ideas, projects and solutions based on sound reasoning.

Touchy and prideful? No, thanks

Working for a common goal means also leaving your ego aside.

No need for supervisors

Our work is valued the most when we are able to trust others and delegate.

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Our Culture

Behind an ambitious vision there are strong values and a great team effort. Discover Satispay values and meet our dream team.

To change the world we need your help. Join millions of users that have already revolutionized their payments.