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Satispay’s service for businesses is offered at extremely competitive prices: no signup or deactivation costs, no monthly fees and free transfers to your bank account.
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Satispay Business App

Download the Satispay Business app and start receiving payments in your store directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

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Satispay via Cash Registers

Contact the supplier of your cash register and request a software update to start accepting Satispay.

Compatible cash registers
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InStore API

It is possible to integrate our InStore API with any software, even if the supplier of your cash register has not yet partnered with Satispay.

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Your e-commerce plugin

Easily add Satispay as a payment method on your e-commerce website.

Choose the right plugin for your needs.

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Online API

Integrating our online API, you can start receiving payments securely and cheaply via your website, e-commerce or app.

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Satispay was created to help you make the most from your business. No risk of counterfeit money or theft; just fast, secure, cheap payments.