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To create an account you will need an ID, the IBAN code of your bank account and an Italian tax code.
Why is this information required?

Choose your Budget

Choose the amount of money that you want to have available to get you through the week.
How does the Budget work?

Screen App: Paga nei negozi

Pay stores

Need a coffee but you've run out of change?

No need to run to the ATM. Your caffein fix is just a few taps away when you pay with your phone!

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Screen App: Ricarica telefonica

Purchase phone top-ups

Top-up yours or a friend’s phone credit in an instant directly from the app

Choose the service provider, phone number, top-up amount and send the payment!

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Screen: Paga online

Pay online

Find some peace of mind. You can finally shop online without having to insert your card details on unknown websites.

Enter your phone number and confirm the payment from the app. It's just as simple to make donations too!

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Screen App: Scambia denaro con i tuoi amici

Transfer money between friends

Split the dinner bill in a matter of seconds. Pay back a friend, even from a distance.

Satispay is made to make your life easier without costing a cent!

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Satispay is a secure payment system that allows you to pay in physical and online stores, buy phone top-ups and even transfer money with friends for free.