Satispay culture

This document explains the values we believe in, our vision and the objectives we want to achieve. If you marry this vision and values, Satispay is the right place to work and grow within.

Our Values

Do it smart

Always ask ourselves if we are doing things the smart way, if there is a better way and if the product we are building is itself smart

Be responsible

We have the privilege to work on a project that can have a great impact and change the world. We therefore try to benefit from this position to bring improvements to the world, while always paying attention to doing it in an ethical and responsible way


Our objective is to have a positive and game-changing impact on the world. We must all believe it is possible to do so and that we are the right people to do so

Our Vision

"Simplify payments to improve everyone’s life"

Cultural Pillars

Users first 

Regardless of what our role is, we always reflect about what we are doing and question whether it really represents something valuable for our users.


  • We constantly think about improving the quality of the service we offer to our users
  • We request a service or functionality development only if a large chunk of our users can benefit from it and/or if such development contributes to the growth and development of Satispay
  • We choose our daily priorities based on the final benefit they will produce for our users


  • We worry too much about what our competitors do
  • We focus on actions that have a short-term effect without analysing the long-term impact 
  • We execute our job automatically without thinking about how we are impacting Satispay users

Work hard 

We work hard and smart. We use 100% of our energy to complete our tasks, learn new things rapidly and we give our contribution, even beyond our responsibilities.


  • We understand that Satispay and its growth determine our success
  • Every evening we come back home tired but happy because we know that what we worked on brought value to our users and therefore to Satispay
  • Our work is our passion and dedicating all our energy to it is satisfying


  • We put our personal success ahead of Satispay’s
  • We stop our workday at a specific time and we leave tasks unfinished
  • We see the beginning of the work week as a negative moment 

Top team

Our work is the product of every team member’s set of skills. This is why it is crucial to build a quality team in order to achieve our vision.

The bigger our team the more difficult it will be to be aligned, therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to aim for our common objectives playing as a team, living and sharing our values.


  • We embody our values, contributing to spreading them inside and outside Satispay
  • We are proactive and we are interested in the whole Satispay team’s growth, regardless of our own role
  • We help solving problems even when we are not their cause


  • We find ourselves working with people that do not bring value to Satispay but we do not discuss openly about it with them and/or our manager
  • We do not share knowledge and we try to be the only custodian of specific information or competences which are precious to the company
  • We gossip about what does not work rather than being propositive

Creators of our own destiny

At Satispay we stimulate entrepreneurship within the company and we reward those who take responsibility, going beyond their job description. Many new roles are born as a simple institutionalisation of such responsibilities.


  • We execute our tasks excellently 
  • We are happy to take on responsibilities that go beyond our current role
  • We propose projects in line with Satispay’s strategy


  • We limit ourselves to our daily tasks without thinking about how to go the extra mile
  • We invest very little into personal and professional development outside of work
  • We don’t speak proactively about our ambitions and interests with our Manager

Continuous Feedback

Feedback is fundamental and must be given the most efficient way possible; both for positive and negative matters. It’s as much important for everyone in Satispay to ask for feedback, whenever this isn’t given proactively.


  • We give feedback in a polite manner, with the only aim of helping people improve
  • We notice that a colleague is working the wrong way, misaligned with our values and we discuss it immediately
  • We proactively ask for feedback if it’s not given to us


  • We forget to be polite when giving feedback
  • We give out judgement and advice instead of feedback
  • We see an feedback about ourselves purely as a negative and we think about how to reply to it instead of recognising it as the help we need

Structured Communication

We propose ideas, projects and solutions only if there is solid reasoning behind them. Therefore structuring our own thoughts in depth is useful to ensure having evaluated every facet of the subject before presenting it to our colleagues.


  • If we have an idea, we try to understand if it’s feasible and if it creates value for our users before sharing it with other team members
  • If we decide to pitch our idea in written form (document, email or Slack message), we make sure our thought is well structured and we  read it many times before sharing it.
  • If we decide to communicate verbally, we ensure our speech is complete and well structured


  • We shoot out random ideas
  • When we want to present a project, we organise a meeting right away and it becomes a brainstorming without specific objective
  • When other people communicate with us, we tend to reply with the very first option we can think of rather than taking the time to think our answer through

Touchy and prideful, no thanks

We consider Satispay bigger than ourselves. This way, we leave our ego aside. Realising our mistakes is not a problem but an opportunity to learn and grow.


  • We admit our own mistakes to learn something useful
  • We fight for our own ideas remembering that the ultimate goal is to bring value to our users
  • We listen to our colleagues to genuinely understand what they are saying, not to prepare our next reply


  • We ignore the mistakes we are making to avoid damaging our ego
  • We waste time in useless discussions just to defend a mistake we made or highlight someone else’s
  • We forget that being right is not the ultimate goal

Supervisors, no thanks

At the base of each work relationship in Satispay are trust and the ability to delegate. If someone’s job consists into controlling someone else’s beyond their training period, something is wrong.


  • As soon as people in our team have completed their training, we start giving them responsibilities
  • A good manager provides coaching, objectives and vision but delegates and lets people do their job  
  • If we feel we can take on bigger responsibilities, we talk about it with our manager


  • We find ourselves mainly in a role of control and supervision of someone else’s job
  • When we review someone else’s work, we end up making changes and corrections even if they are not of fundamental importance
  • We are afraid of delegating responsibility on new team members because we don’t trust them or we fear this will reduce our importance

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