Pay in the blink of an eye

Satispay is the application that revolutionises the way you pay in stores and exchange money with friends.


To create an account you will need an ID and the IBAN code of your bank account.


Set your Budget

Choose the amount of money that you want to have available to get you through the week.



Pay with Satispay and receive immediate refunds on your purchases.


Pay in stores

Shop the smartest way: no more worrying about having your bank card with you or running after an ATM to withdraw money when you pay the bill!

Pay for your purchases in just a few clicks from your phone: open the app, select the merchant, enter the amount and pay.

With the Satispay app, you pay in-stores like you pay your friends.

💡 Thanks to geo-location, the shops around you are displayed first. Pretty useful to know which ones accept payments with Satispay!

Transfer money between friends

Whether you're going out for dinner with friends or sharing a taxi, pay your loved ones back instantly in just a few clicks.

Satispay makes your life easier: open the app, select the contact, enter the amount and send. It's as easy as sending an SMS!

💡 Forget your bank details, the telephone number of your contact is enough.

Save up for the things you love

Satispay allows you to easily create piggy banks to help you put money aside: choose how you want to save, we'll take care of the rest!

  • Spare Change: each purchase will be rounded up to the euro and the cents will be added to your savings (if you pay €1.30 € then you put aside €0.70);
  • Cashback: save the Cashback you receive on your purchases;
  • Periodic: choose an amount that will automatically be put aside periodically.

💡 Moving money in and out of your Money Box is completely free and that you can edit your money box's settings at any moment.

Discover Satispay's Cashback!

Pay with Satispay and receive immediate partial refunds on your purchases.

The refunded amount is automatically added to your available balance in the app. Spend your Cashback in a shop, save it in your piggy bank or transfer it to a friend; it's up to you!

💡 Look for the stores marked with a red icon to discover the promotions near you!

Discover the active promotions and who is eligible to benefit from them. View Terms and Conditions

Satispay is a smart and secure payment system that allows you pay in stores, receive Cahback, send money to friends and save money the smart way.